A recent pre-poll survey conducted by ABP News-CVoter suggests that the Narendra Modi-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is poised for a resounding victory in Uttar Pradesh, India's most politically significant state. The survey projects that the BJP, under Prime Minister Modi's leadership, is likely to secure a substantial 52% of the votes, echoing its performance in the 2019 elections.

In contrast, the opposition coalition, known as the INDIA bloc, is expected to capture 36% of the vote share, with an additional 7% predicted for a regional party. Uttar Pradesh, with its allocation of 80 Members of Parliament out of the 543-member lower house, holds immense significance in shaping the country's political landscape.

PM Modi has expressed confidence in his party and allies securing over 400 seats in the upcoming polls. The BJP's strategy banks on highlighting robust economic progress and espousing Hindu nationalist policies to consolidate support.

According to the survey findings, 42% of respondents expressed high satisfaction with Modi’s government, while 29% reported being less satisfied and 27% expressed dissatisfaction. A majority of respondents also indicated satisfaction with the BJP's performance in Uttar Pradesh, with 25% expressing lesser satisfaction and 23% dissatisfied.

Furthermore, 62% of respondents expressed a desire to see Modi serve another term as Prime Minister, while 24% favored Rahul Gandhi for the top post.

The survey, which encompassed the opinions of 2,258 individuals, adds to the growing momentum behind the NDA's electoral prospects. Last month, a Mega Opinion Poll by News18 had similarly predicted a commanding lead for the NDA, with projections of 411 Lok Sabha seats, while the INDIA bloc was anticipated to secure only 105 seats, including 49 for the Congress party.

As the electoral landscape takes shape, these surveys provide insights into the shifting dynamics and potential outcomes of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.