Elon Musk has appointed new managers to tackle the issue and bolster advertiser confidence. Kylie McRoberts has been named as the head of safety, tasked with addressing the proliferation of hateful and harmful content. Concurrently, Yale Cohen, hailing from the advertising industry, has been appointed to enhance the platform's appeal to companies.

Since assuming control of X in autumn 2022, Musk has faced a stark decline in advertising revenue, which has halved during his tenure. Despite promising a commitment to radical freedom of speech within legal boundaries, Musk acknowledges the pressing need to address problematic content. He emphasizes a strategy of limiting the distribution of such posts rather than outright removal.

However, this approach has not been without controversy. Two safety officers have departed since Musk's takeover, signaling internal unrest over the platform's direction. Critics argue that X's lenient stance on content moderation has contributed to the proliferation of hate speech and harmful rhetoric.

Recently, online researchers highlighted instances where advertisements from reputable brands appeared alongside antisemitic posts, sparking further scrutiny. Musk dismissed these examples as isolated incidents, asserting that they did not accurately reflect the platform's everyday usage.

As X navigates the delicate balance between freedom of expression and ensuring user safety, Musk's latest appointments signal a concerted effort to address the platform's shortcomings and restore advertiser confidence in the face of escalating concerns over hate speech.