Beijing: Although the spread of Corona is serious in China, the media reported that this time China is not strict about people going to their work.

At the beginning of 2020, the corona virus started to spread very rapidly around the world. Subsequently, the countries of the world brought curfew restrictions. Curfew restrictions were eased after the intensity of the infection subsided. However, China has been strictly following the lockdown restrictions for the past two years to completely eradicate the spread of Corona. As a result, the economy of the country suffered a major decline and the people also suffered a great psychological crisis. Due to this, China's strict lockdown has caused severe criticism at the global level. In this case, China relaxed its lockdown restrictions a few days ago.

In this situation, despite the increase of Corona in China, the normal life of people in Beijing and Hong Kong has not been affected. Metro stations there are thronged with people commuting to go about their daily tasks. This time China did not implement the strict restrictions that have been used to prevent the spread of Corona for the past two years. Media reported that China is allowing people to live with Corona through this.

And despite the daily increase in the number of corona infections in China, China has reported that there has been no death due to corona for the 6th consecutive day.

A virus called Omicron PF7 is currently spreading in China and causing havoc. Strict restrictions were imposed in the country to control the corona virus. People were confined to their homes. Because of this, the Chinese did not develop herd immunity. Currently, the country is facing huge impacts due to the mutated corona virus. It is noteworthy here that India's CCMP research center pointed out that Omicron PF7 virus is unlikely to cause major damage as most of the people in India have herd immunity.