Everyone is excited when New Year is born. In the last two years, the celebrations in the film industry have also decreased. The reason is Corona! Somehow all the theaters that were paralyzed due to the lifting of corona restrictions at the beginning of this year have broken their lethargy and are back to normal. All the producers who were thinking whether to release in theaters or to surf on OTD brought their films to Thempaga theaters. As the situation normalized, more new films started coming out. Along with the protagonists, films of heroines and stories that give importance to their characters have been released more in Tamil cinema this year. Not only that, our heroines also revolutionized the web series released on OTT.

We also spoke to some of the heroines who played notable roles in the films released this year about their memories of this year and their plans for the next year.


This year has given us some bad things as well as good things. I have given a comeback with 'Sardaar' and 'Vadanti' web series. But, my mother missed this year due to illness. So, this year has been very good and very bad for me.

I never expected to get the same love from the fans when I made a comeback in cinema. When he told this to the director Mithran, he said, “I know for sure that they will welcome you again. Why don't you know?” he asked and laughed.

At first I was not interested in playing a mother to a teenage girl in the serial 'Vadanti'. But I agreed for the role. The response was better than expected. I plan to celebrate Christmas as usual with family and friends. I will meet you with many more pictures in the coming year.

'Kayal' Anandhi:

This year is very important for me. Both personal and professional had to be dealt with. I don't know how this year went. There are currently no plans for next year. This year my film was released in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam languages. The unforgettable movie of this year is 'Yugi' in which I acted.

I was actually pregnant when that film was cast. It was a special moment for me. New Year celebration with my family. I have been working continuously for the past four months. So, I am planning to take a short break till Pongal.

Pavitra Lakshmi:

Any newbie actor wants to have a succession of good films and characters. It was possible for me this year. Since my debut in cinema, four films in Tamil and Malayalam have been released within a span of three to four months.

It cannot be said that the personal life is super as well as the work is going well. There was some confusion. I am recovering from it. I will definitely be even better this year. I had planned to start the new year in Manali. But due to some reasons it got cancelled. Let's start this year with a musical concert.

Divya Duraisamy:

This is one of my favorite years. All of them were released as a web series apart from 'Idhirum Vathandavan', 'Kurtam Kurame' and 'Sanjeevan'. The upcoming year will be good in terms of work as well as a film produced by Neelam Production, Mari Selvaraj sir film. It's a pleasure to be on that journey where we can move towards an important place in cinema. I am happy that the confusion in my personal life is gone. Looking forward to next year.