In a recent campaign meeting held in Ariyalur ahead of the parliamentary elections, Transport Minister Sivasankar voiced strong criticism against the delayed bail for former Tamil Nadu cabinet minister Senthil Balaji. The minister highlighted the glaring discrepancy in the justice system, noting that while murderers often secure bail within two months, Balaji remains behind bars despite the absence of substantial evidence against him.

During his address at the DMK campaign event, Minister Sivasankar underscored Tamil Nadu's distinctive stance against the imposition of Hindi, emphasizing the state's long history of opposition to such linguistic coercion. He pointed out that Tamil Nadu's resistance has played a crucial role in preserving the Tamil language and identity, contrasting it with other states that have seemingly succumbed to linguistic assimilation.

Furthermore, Minister Sivasankar criticized the BJP's alleged attempts to interfere in Tamil Nadu's cultural and political landscape. He accused the BJP of targeting Balaji as a means of intimidation, highlighting the party's failure to resonate with Tamil Nadu's diverse population and cultural ethos.

The prolonged detention of Senthil Balaji, without the provision of bail, has sparked outrage among supporters and members of the DMK party. Many view it as a blatant disregard for justice and an attempt to suppress dissenting voices within the state.

As the political climate in Tamil Nadu heats up ahead of the elections, Minister Sivasankar urged voters to reject such divisive tactics and uphold the principles of democracy. He called for unity among Tamil Nadu's electorate to send a clear message to the BJP and safeguard the state's autonomy and values.