Crafting a successful horror-comedy film requires more than just a checklist of elements. Unfortunately, "Namo Bhoothathma 2," directed by V Murali, struggles to find its comedic and eerie balance, leaving viewers with an intolerable experience that even ghosts would find tedious.


The film revolves around a classic haunted house, the breeding ground for most horror-comedy tales. It opens with what seems like a spine-chilling scene, only to reveal it as a prank orchestrated by Komal Kumar's character, a creative head at a local TV channel.

In retaliation, two enraged troublemakers wreak havoc at the TV channel's office. Their demand for justice drives the channel's head to send the pranksters, along with two colleagues, to a haunted house to evade further trouble. This sets the stage for supernatural chaos.

The ensuing events spiral into a series of absurd and insufferable encounters, making even the existence of supernatural elements seem mundane.

Komal Kumar emerges as the film's sole savior, his impeccable comic timing and screen presence lending some semblance of coherence to the otherwise chaotic narrative. His performance resonates with viewers and conveys the director's intended message effectively.

Director V Murali, known for his debut "Namo Bhoothathma," fails to recapture the essence of the original film. The humor attempted in "Namo Bhoothathma 2" often falls flat, relying on tired and tasteless jokes that do little more than elicit groans. Instances like a character's uncomfortable innuendo directed at a domestic help showcase the film's misguided attempt at comedy.


"Namo Bhoothathma 2" is a missed opportunity that hinges on two elements: Komal Kumar's acting prowess and a climax that touches upon the repercussions of thoughtless pranks. Despite these redeeming factors, the film struggles to deliver an enjoyable viewing experience. If you must watch, do so solely for Komal Kumar's performance and the film's thought-provoking finale. Otherwise, it's best to steer clear of this lackluster attempt at horror-comedy.