Stellar Performances:

Varun Dhawan's versatility as an actor shines through in his role as Ajay Dixit, a high school teacher dissatisfied with his life. His portrayal of the complex emotions that Ajay grapples with is commendable. Janhvi Kapoor, who has been improving with each film, delivers a solid performance as Nisha. The chemistry between the lead pair adds depth to the narrative.

Engaging First Half:

The film's opening hour captivates with its well-paced introduction of Varun's character and subsequent sequences. The portrayal of Ajay's internal conflicts and the groundwork laid for the central theme engage the audience effectively.

Unconventional Storyline: 

"Bawaal" dares to explore a dysfunctional relationship as its core theme. The movie takes a unique approach to depict how the lead characters deal with marital conflicts by imagining themselves in the context of World War 2 victims. This sensitive and subjective topic raises questions that will undoubtedly fuel discussions.

Controversial Elements:

The film does not shy away from controversial dialogues and concepts. References to Adolf Hitler and the inclusion of provocative lines make for a bold narrative choice. While these aspects might not resonate with everyone, they undoubtedly add layers to the storytelling.

OTT Release and Serious Tone:

The decision to release "Bawaal" directly on an OTT platform was wise, as the film lacks traditional commercial elements. The serious tone throughout the movie caters to a niche audience seeking a thought-provoking experience.

Sluggish Second Half:

The film's second half loses some momentum, and a few sequences could have been trimmed to maintain a more engaging pace.

Technical Excellence: 

The music by Mithoon, Tanishk Bagchi, and Akashdeep Sengupta complements the narrative well, while Daniel B. George's background score adds depth to pivotal moments. Cinematographer Mitesh Marchandani captures the essence effectively, and the production values are noteworthy.

Director's Vision:

Nitesh Tiwari's direction, backed by the story from Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, brings the unconventional narrative to life without shying away from potential controversies. The film's intent to spark discussions is evident, and it succeeds in doing so.

Verdict: A Niche Choice  

"Bawaal" is a romantic drama that caters to a specific audience with its unique take on relationships. Varun Dhawan and Janhvi Kapoor's performances, along with the thought-provoking approach to storytelling, make it an interesting watch. However, the film's unconventional and controversial elements might not appeal to everyone. If you're open to a movie that challenges norms and stimulates discussions, "Bawaal" is worth a shot.