Debutant Prem Anand has masterfully crafted the third installment of the Diilluku Dhuddu horror comedy franchise, DD Returns. From the very beginning, the film sets a thrilling tone with a family participating in a deadly escape room game in a French Castle. The stakes are high, and the story takes an unexpected turn, leaving sentimental scenes behind and diving into a better-paced narrative.

For horror genre enthusiasts who may be scared of ghosts and eerie scores, horror comedies offer the perfect remedy. DD Returns stands out among successful franchises like Kanchana and Aranmanai with its refreshing ideas and avoidance of conventional formulas. The film boasts an outstanding cast, including Santhanam, Maaran, and Naan Kadavul Rajendran, with a clever play on the title abbreviation "DD," signifying both Dilluku Dhuddu and "Dare Demons."

What makes DD Returns distinct is the absence of typical plot points, emotional baggage, or suspenseful ghost elements that often characterize other horror comedies. Instead, the film surprises the audience with a heist comedy as a captivating buildup, introducing the characters and their stories. The clever intertwining of a gang of drug dealers, an event manager, and a politician's son in a wild chain of events keeps viewers entertained until the horror-comedy zone is reached.

While the film stays away from double-meaning and body-shaming jibes, it retains the classic pant-jokes characteristic of the genre. While some of these scenes may overstay their welcome, the movie keeps you laughing with its wacky callbacks and subversions of typical horror film elements. Santhanam shines in his dual role as both a hero and comedian, delivering an array of jokes while effortlessly transitioning to selfless, heroic acts.

DD Returns impresses with its jokes and comedy, but its horror and thriller elements could have been better executed. The second half's horror game setup is a refreshing change, but at times, the characters seem to breeze through the challenges, lacking a sense of logic. The friendly ghosts also dampen the spooky atmosphere slightly, but the film's laughter never falters.

The star-studded Kollywood comedy troupe, including Deepa Shankar, Rajendran, Redin Kingsley, Munishkanth, Masoom Shankar, Tiger Thangadurai, Fefsi Vijayan, Dheena, and Maaran, deliver solid performances that contribute to the film's charm. While not every joke lands perfectly, the sheer abundance of humor keeps the audience engaged throughout.

In conclusion, DD Returns is a horror comedy that breaks away from the norm and offers a delightful, laughter-filled cinematic experience. Deftly combining fresh ideas, an exceptional cast, and a well-crafted narrative, it stands as an exemplary entry in the genre. Whether you are a horror enthusiast or a comedy lover, DD Returns guarantees a rollicking good time at the movies.