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Thar 2022

Release Date: 6 May 2022
Language: Hindi

Synopsis:  1985 in Thar desert of Rajasthan in village of Munabo a violent killing has shocked the villagers suspecting to be work of Dacoit Hanif Khan.Inspector Surekha Singh is given the charge to investigate the murder but is always let down by seniors.Surekha Singh along with his assistant Bhure starts the investigation and comes across that the dead man Suwa along with Dhanna,Kanwar and Panna were into illegal business.Siddarth a man from city dealing with antique's arrives in village to meet Panna for a deal and starts to eye his beautiful wife Chetna.Panna ,Kanwar and Dhanna are currently in Calcutta for a deal so he decides to wait but catches eye of Surekha Singh.Panna and Kanwar return back to village and Siddarth strikes a deal with them but takes them to an isolated spot in village connecting to Pakistan border and brutally torches them for reasons unknown.During the investigation Surekha Singh not only has to face the killer but also face Hanif Khan who becomes active near the border.

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